Lumiera  0.pre.03
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NguiLumiera GTK UI implementation root
 NlibImplementation namespace for support and library code
 NlumieraLumiera public interface
 NprocProc-Layer implementation namespace root
 NstdSTL namespace
 CInvocationInstanceIDOpaque ID attached to each individual job invocation
 Clumiera_conditionCondition variables
 Clumiera_config_lookupJust contains a hashtable to give sufficient abstraction
 Clumiera_errorcontextHolding error and some context data
 Clumiera_filehandleFile handles
 Clumiera_filehandlecacheFile handle cache manages file handles
 Clumiera_fileheaderA file header object encapsulates the underlying mmap object which keeps the raw header data in memory and and the dereferenced thereof
 Clumiera_fileheader_rawA basic file header On-Disk representation starts with 32 bytes identifying the file
 Clumiera_interfaceHeader for an interface, just the absolute necessary metadata
 Clumiera_interfacenodeInterface management node
 Clumiera_interfaceslotThis is just a placeholder for an entry in a interface table
 Clumiera_jobDefinitionComplete definition of an individual job
 Clumiera_jobDescriptorDescription of a job
 Clumiera_jobParameterInvocation parameter for the individual frame calculation job
 Clumiera_mmapDescriptor of a memory mapped area
 Clumiera_plugintypeRecord the extension and a callback function for loading the associated plugin for each plugin type
 Clumiera_recconditionCondition variables
 Clumiera_recmutexRecursive Mutex
 Clumiera_threadThe actual thread data
 CLumieraJobClosureClosure representing the execution context of a job
 CLumieraSectionlockSectionlock used to manage the state of mutexes
 CmpoolMemory pool management structure
 CpsplayType and handle for a psplay root structure This structure shall be treated opaque, its only defined in the header to allow one to integrate it directly instead referencing it
 CpsplaynodeType and handle for a psplay tree node This node have to be placed inside users data