Lumiera  0.pre.03
lib::sync Namespace Reference


Helpers and building blocks for Monitor based synchronisation.


typedef volatile bool & Flag
typedef Mutex< Wrapped_ExclusiveMutexNonrecursiveLock_NoWait
typedef Condition< Wrapped_ExclusiveMutexNonrecursiveLock_Waitable
typedef Mutex< Wrapped_RecursiveMutexRecursiveLock_NoWait
typedef Condition< Wrapped_RecursiveMutexRecursiveLock_Waitable


struct  BoolFlagPredicate
struct  BoolMethodPredicate
class  Condition
class  Monitor
 Object Monitor for synchronisation and waiting. More...
class  Mutex
struct  Timeout
 helper for specifying an optional timeout for an timed wait. More...
struct  Wrapped_Condition
struct  Wrapped_ExclusiveMutex
struct  Wrapped_RecursiveMutex

Typedef Documentation

◆ Flag

typedef volatile bool& Flag

Definition at line 305 of file sync.hpp.

◆ NonrecursiveLock_NoWait

Definition at line 374 of file sync.hpp.

◆ RecursiveLock_NoWait

Definition at line 375 of file sync.hpp.

◆ NonrecursiveLock_Waitable

◆ RecursiveLock_Waitable

Definition at line 377 of file sync.hpp.