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AutoExpander< SRC > Class Template Reference

#include "lib/iter-tree-explorer.hpp"


template<class SRC>
class lib::iter_explorer::AutoExpander< SRC >

extension to the Expander decorator to perform expansion automatically on each iteration step.

as of 12/2017, this is more like a proof-of concept and can be seen as indication, that there might be several flavours of child expansion. Unfortunately, most of these conceivable extensions would require a flexibilisation of Expander's internals and thus increase the complexity of the code. Thus, if we ever encounter the need of anything beyond the basic expansion pattern, we should rework the design of Expander and introduce building blocks to define the evaluation strategy.

Definition at line 769 of file iter-tree-explorer.hpp.

Public Member Functions

void iterNext ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ iterNext()

void iterNext ( )

Definition at line 779 of file iter-tree-explorer.hpp.

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