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PassAsIs< TAR > Struct Template Reference

#include "lib/multifact.hpp"


template<typename TAR>
struct lib::factory::PassAsIs< TAR >

Dummy "wrapper", to perform the fabrication and return the unaltered product.

this is a "perfect forwarding" implementation, similar to std::forward, used as policy template

Definition at line 90 of file multifact.hpp.

Public Types

typedef TAR BareType
typedef TAR RawType
typedef TAR ResultType

Public Member Functions

template<class FUN , typename... ARGS>
ResultType wrap (FUN create, ARGS &&... args) noexcept

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ RawType

typedef TAR RawType

Definition at line 92 of file multifact.hpp.

◆ BareType

typedef TAR BareType

Definition at line 93 of file multifact.hpp.

◆ ResultType

typedef TAR ResultType

Definition at line 94 of file multifact.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ wrap()

ResultType wrap ( FUN  create,
ARGS &&...  args 

Definition at line 98 of file multifact.hpp.

Referenced by MultiFact< SIG, ID, Wrapper >::operator()().

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