Lumiera  0.pre.03
display-handles.h File Reference

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Opaque handles and similar typedefs used to communicate via the lumiera::Display and lumiera::DummyPlayer facade interfaces.

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Definition in file display-handles.h.


struct  lumiera_displaySlot
struct  lumiera_playprocess


typedef unsigned char * LumieraDisplayFrame
typedef lumiera_displaySlot * LumieraDisplaySlot
typedef lumiera_playprocess * LumieraPlayProcess

Typedef Documentation

◆ LumieraDisplayFrame

typedef unsigned char* LumieraDisplayFrame

Definition at line 38 of file display-handles.h.

◆ LumieraDisplaySlot

typedef lumiera_displaySlot* LumieraDisplaySlot

Definition at line 46 of file display-handles.h.

◆ LumieraPlayProcess

typedef lumiera_playprocess* LumieraPlayProcess

Definition at line 52 of file display-handles.h.

Class Documentation

◆ lumiera_playprocess_struct

struct lumiera_playprocess_struct
+ Collaboration diagram for lumiera_playprocess: