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DiffDetector< SEQ > Class Template Reference

#include "lib/diff/list-diff-detector.hpp"


template<class SEQ>
class lib::diff::DiffDetector< SEQ >

Detect and describe changes in a monitored data sequence.

The DiffDetector takes snapshot(s) of the observed data, to find all differences between the last snapshot and the current state. Whenever such a "List Diff" is pulled, a new baseline snapshot is taken automatically. The description of all changes can be retrieved from the returned diff iterator, as a sequence of diff verbs

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Public Types

using Diff = lib::IterStateWrapper< DiffStep, DiffFrame >
 Diff is a iterator to yield a sequence of DiffStep elements. More...

Public Member Functions

 DiffDetector (SEQ const &refSeq)
bool isChanged () const
 does the current state of the underlying sequence differ from the state embodied into the last reference snapshot taken? More...
Diff pullUpdate ()
 Diff generation core operation. More...


class  DiffFrame
 A diff generation process is built on top of an "old" reference point and a "new" state of the underlying sequence. More...

Private Types

using DiffStep = typename ListDiffLanguage< Val >::DiffStep
using Idx = IndexTable< Val >
using Val = typename SEQ::value_type

Private Attributes

SEQ const & currentData_
Idx refIdx_

Additional Inherited Members

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Val

using Val = typename SEQ::value_type

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◆ Idx

using Idx = IndexTable<Val>

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◆ DiffStep

using DiffStep = typename ListDiffLanguage<Val>::DiffStep

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◆ Diff

Diff is a iterator to yield a sequence of DiffStep elements.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DiffDetector()

DiffDetector ( SEQ const &  refSeq)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ isChanged()

bool isChanged ( ) const

does the current state of the underlying sequence differ from the state embodied into the last reference snapshot taken?

will possibly evaluate and iterate the whole sequence

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References IndexTable< VAL >::begin(), IndexTable< VAL >::end(), and lib::iter_stl::snapshot().

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◆ pullUpdate()

Diff pullUpdate ( )

Diff generation core operation.

Take a snapshot of the current state of the underlying sequence and establish a frame to find the differences to the previously captured old state. This possible difference evaluation is embodied into a Diff iterator and handed over to the client, while the snapshot of the current state becomes the new reference point from now on.

iterator to yield a sequence of DiffStep tokens, which describe the changes between the previous reference state and the current state of the sequence.
takes a new snapshot to supersede the old one, i.e. updates the DiffDetector.
the returned iterator retains a reference to the current (new) snapshot. Any concurrent modification leads to undefined behaviour. You must not invoke pullUpdate while another client still explores the result of an old evaluation.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ refIdx_

Idx refIdx_

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◆ currentData_

SEQ const& currentData_

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