The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

Not all meetings gets summarized on this page. For example, there are no meeting summaries at all available for 2010. This only means that there were not enough things that needed deciding/documenting during these meetings to warrant someone spending time on the task of writing a summary.

Anyone interested in Lumiera development is also encouraged to read mailing list archives and other documentation.

12 Sep 2012


  • Doxygen

  • FrOSCon aftermath

  • Scheduler interface and requirements definition


Most of our monthly developer meetings are informal discussions currently. At times, there is only one developer working at the code, and thus there is not much need for coordination. Sometimes, in-depth technical discussions and decisions take place, and we’ll publish at least an IRC transcript in those cases; typically we also create a RfC to summarise the decisions.

11 Oct 2012


  • automatisation of packaging

  • dealing with GTK-3 and the Gnome Docking Library

  • builddrone improvements

  • creating support tools for documentation writing, especially for cross-links and glossary

12 Sep 2012


  • RFCs

  • Upgrade to Wheezy/GTK-3

  • Master and the Documentation repository

  • Builddrone v2

  • Trac problems

  • Git Commit Message Format


During 2012 again the regular monthly meethings were mostly informal detail discussions plus some organisational planning. Not much to account for.

11 Jan 2012


  • Website status. Clean-up of TiddlyWikis

  • cross-links and link checking for the website

  • promotion: Libre Graphics Magazine

  • rendering to file: library solutions

14 Dec 2011


  • discussion about build systems.

  • review of the SCons build scripts

  • some details about the scheduler and invoking render jobs

During Summer 2011 we kept up our monthly IRC meetings — rather casual exchange for the time being.

  • 9 Nov 2011

  • 12 Oct 2011

  • 14 Sep 2011

  • 10 Aug 2011

  • 13 Jul 2011

  • 8 Jun 2011

11 May 2011


  • detailed technical discussion about the Render Engine Interface

13 Apr 2011


  • New Website Page Layout

    liquid layout — scrolling — colours

  • Website licensing and legal questions

  • Trac spam

  • Go through Ideas and Drafts in design process

    accepted: ForwardIterator, HighLevelModel, Placement concept, Session structure

9 Mar 2011


  • The New Website

  • IRC Logs

  • VoIP discussions over Mumble?

  • Version numbering


informal meetings, no summaries

In 2010, the monthly meetings where rather informal gatherings, without any relevant decisions beyond the organisation of conference activities. During that time, usually the two remaining Lumiera core developers where alternatively either prevented by real-life obligations, or otherwise just in “deep coding mode”

9 Sep 2009


  • FrOSCon

  • Funding

  • Website

  • Ticket Query Clean-up

  • Coding

14 Jan 2009


  • organisational (protocol, agenda, leftovers?)

  • Logo Contest results, elaborating the winner concept

  • Forming a Workflow group

  • Set up a Trac for issue tracking

  • Getting the 'non-coders' community to help

  • Possible GUI-Integration: Display a frame?

10 Dec 2008


  • organisational (protocol, agenda, leftovers?)

  • Logo Contest progress, discussion about how to do the pre selection

  • rename "EDL" into "Sequence"

  • Project, Timeline(s), Sequence(s) and Output

  • GUI/Proc Interface and collaboration

  • Threading questions regarding gtk-main and main()

12 Nov 2008


  • organisational (protocol, agenda, leftovers?)

  • Logo Contest progress

  • uWiki Progress

  • Builddrone, any helpers?

  • Platform and lib dependency status

  • Discussion about foreseeable problems with Gui Plugins

  • Include dir and namespaces

  • build system, plugin tree

10 Oct 2008


  • organisational (protocol, agenda…)

  • Lumiera Logo

  • Design Process: Go through Ideas and Drafts

    • Mistakes to avoid

    • Tag clouds

    • Lumiera Architecture

    • EDLs as meta-clips

    • Builder

    • Lua scripting language

    • Time handling

    • Interface naming

  • Config System (1st version landed)

  • Use of Namespaces

  • Interface Definition Language

4 Sep 2008


  • boilerplate (protocol, agenda, …)

  • Plugin Descriptors

  • Mailinglist, setup, administration

  • Lumiera-work Mailinglist (for TODOs)

  • About Website transition plan



7 Aug 2008


  • Go through Ideas and Drafts in design process

  • Config System (in the works)

  • Scripting language plans

  • GUI brainstorming page



6 Jul 2008


  • boilerplate (protocol, what’s left from last meeting)

  • Introduction of Lumiera

  • handling of config errors.

  • scripting language.

  • editing on small devices (eeePC)

  • uWiki.

  • musical timeline in bars and beats

6 Jun 2008


  • boilerplate (protocol, what’s left from last meeting)

  • Go through Ideas and Drafts in design process

    • processing node interface

    • Placement concept

8 May 2008


  • boilerplate (protocol, what’s left from last meeting)

  • Go through Ideas and Drafts in design process

  • Website infrastructure

3 Apr 2008


  • boilerplate (protocol, what’s left from last meeting)

  • Go through Ideas and Drafts in design process

  • Call for volunteers (which tasks are to do, how can we interest people) for wiki/todo.html

  • Project announcements/registration (freshmeat, gnu, etc…) any takers?

  • Informal talk about the GUI (We have some people who want to contribute now, what’s going on, how can they start)

  • froscon application (linux multimedia booth?)

  • timecode-metadata discussion: convert to arithmetic time type early or late?

6 Mar 2008


  • boilerplate (protocol, whats left from last meeting, next meeting)

  • Go through Ideas and Drafts in design process

  • "Call for design" for some features relevant for the whole Application:

    • parameters and automation

    • render node interface

    • handling of compound sessions

    • session storage interface in general

  • Project name

  • Project Server, setup, organization, administration

  • GPL3 pros cons, license rationale

1 Feb 2008


  • Who will write the protocol below

  • Discuss the open points in Lumiera/DesignProcess do we need this formalism?

  • Who works on what, what are the short term goals, what tasks are open

  • State of the new-name search for the was-intended-as-cinelerra-3 project (no name discussion, just how we will progress!)

  • Introduce the development model

  • How to handle the regular meetings in future (day, time, where to put summaries)