The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

Sep 9, 2009 on #lumiera
20:00 - 22:30 UTC

  • cehteh

  • ichthyo

  • joelholdsworth

  • andrewjames

  • daniieel

  • hermanr

  • liveD

  • raffa

  • SimAV

Point 1: FrOSCon

Our participation to the conference was a success. We met other video developers and people interested in Lumiera. It has been a meeting opportunity for the community, it produced good and reusable propaganda material (about 100 flyers distributed). This success wouldn’t be possible without a lot of people helping.
So lets say: Thank you all!

We plan to be there again next year with another Lumiera meeting (possibly all the 3 core devs present). Ichthyo consideres to do a dedicate talk (in German).

Participation as a group to other possible events has been considered for
(in order of interest): LAC, Piksel, OVC, Piksel Summer camp, Linuxtag, FSCONS.

To improve visibility liveD proposes to extend the project also on the new social network like facebook.
The proposal is discussed but doesn’t find supporters.

Point 2: Funding

Preparing for FrOSCon had some costs, paid by the people working in Lumiera. Ideally, cehteh says, people working on Lumiera should not have to pay for working on it, no matter who pays. He proposes to make a project partnership with FFIS (a German non-profit organisation for founding free software). That means we could officially collect donations through FFIS (people donate to FFIS, to free software in general or specifically to Lumiera). That could work out well for specific scopes, like covering travel, lodging and diet for developer gatherings or for exhibition material and server.

The proposal is accepted. Cehteh will contact FFIS to propose them a partnership. If later on there will be funding for development (not just covering expenses) that would require a different approach and special communication with the community.

daniieel proposes to put a price to each request in "buglist".
The proposal is discussed and dismissed.

Point 3: Website

The news in the homepage makes the project look alive. But this is not enough to communicate the state of the Lumiera development. Two solutions are proposed:

  • The website needs to be reorganized and made accessible. andrewjames volunteers to work on it.

  • Quarterly development news will be published in the devel section of the website. The devs will post drafts to the mailing list and encourage the other devs to add their informations. Then someone shall aggregate this and make a news webpage. That creates a new task: help collecting the news and write them together.

The devs will communicate their achievements more often in small steps to the mailing list

raffa proposes monthly news on the homepage with more broad topics (development, community, openvideo).
The proposal gets no interest.

Point 4: Ticket Query clean-up

Trac allows for creation of custom ticket queries. We’ve accumulated quite some custom reports, and cehteh asks if some of them can be dropped (Ticket #225). Ichthyo points out that he uses some reports frequently, and considers some others nice-to-have. Finally it turns out that only Report #5 isn’t used by anyone and can be dropped.

Cehteh points out that the TracTags macro is a convenient feature — for example it allows to tag tickets by required skill.

Point 5: Coding

Cehteh finished a first stable NoBug release and intends to give uWiki a boost in the next weeks. Ichthyo worked on a command frontend usable at the GUI/Proc interface; in the next time, there will be some integration work to be done together with Joelholdsworth to get the GUI and high-level model connected.

A short discussion about the relevance of uWiki for Lumiera follows. Indeed, it takes away some developer power, and Joelholdsworth is concerned about that, as the project is a bit underpowered generally. Cehteh on the contrary considers building a suitable (distributed) infrastructure as an important part of the project.