Lumiera  0.pre.03
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Lumiera API Documentation

This section contains the API and reference documentation of the Lumiera code base. It is generated automatically from the source code comments.

Lumiera Documentation Structure

Lumiera comes with extensive documentation, which is organised into several tiers or layers, according to the target audience, the degree of detail and the level of technicality. Mostly, the sources of the documentation are kept in-tree; documentation pages are generated with the ASCIIDOC tool and published at the Lumiera website

  • as a general introduction, you should read the »outer space« document
  • further user documentation – mostly tutorials – is available in the user section
  • Architecture and specification documents can be found in the design section
  • fundamental discussions and decisions are documented in the form of RfC entries
  • as entrance to the technical level, developers should read the »inner core« document
  • from there, various pages in the technical documentation detail specific aspects of implementation and technology. They treat some topics in a coherent fashion and introduce the concepts and abstractions necessary to understand the actual code
  • right now, you are looking at the API Documentation, which is the entrance point to the actual code
  • on your exploration path down to the internal details, you might want to follow the overview given