The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

Jan 11, 2011 on #lumiera 20:00 - 22:30


  • cehteh

  • ichthyo

  • benn

  • raffa


  1. ichthyo removed most of the TiddlyWikis, and worked the content into the website

  2. cehteh reports that Lumiera got another donation (75 €), arrangements with the FFIS to get access (view) about the donations account are under way. We’ll ask donors then if they want to be published or stay anonymous and will set up a wiki page listing donations and expenses.

  3. ichthyo reworked the SCons build, as discussed last time

  4. cehteh writes a very short RfC, to document that we’re using SCons for now.

  5. possibly no one going to LAC, too far away

  6. we discussed a link checker / link resolver for the website. The idea is to have a semi automatic tool, which is used locally when authoring website content to find cross references.

  7. benny and ichthyo follow up on the Libre Graphics Magazine's offer to promote graphics and media projects and try to get into discussion with them and see what can be done within our limited time.

  8. when it comes to have a working example for media file output, we stick to the mainstream solutions ffmpeg and or gstreamer, but care not to lock ourselves into a single solution. Concluded that we do this over plugin interfaces —  it mostly boils down to support ffmpeg — besides we’ll investigate simple alternatives for basic output.