The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

Oct 11, 2012 on #lumiera 20:00 - 01:30


  • cehteh

  • ichthyo

  • benn

  • mfisher31_

  • skangas

Summary of The Meeting

  1. cehteh now also cares for Debian packaging of NoBug, as does ichthyo.

  2. Discussed the naming convention for the Debian package of the Gnome Docking Library, (Lumiera have added some features to this library): libgdlmm-lum and libgdlmm—dev; where is a number that changes with each change in the ABI to ensure compatibility.

  3. cehteh reports that progress on the builddrone progressing nicely.

  4. Discussed improving the Asciidoc documentation in particular the many broken links to other documents and how cumbersome it is to get references to other documents correct while trying to concentrate on content. Moreover, we discussed at Froscon the desire of having some automatic means of generating a glossary of terms, i.e., automatically generating the glossary.txt files, we decided to do all these things together. benn agreed to write a script that would do the above. The script will be called directly by

  5. git:// is for experiments and contained the new Lumiera site graphics design draft. This was changed to contain the contents of the current Lumiera web site.