The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

Sep 12, 2012 on #lumiera 20:00 - 23:40 UTC


  • cehteh

  • ichthyo

  • mfisher31

Summary written by cehteh


It was not clear what state RFCs have in our documentation structure. The question was if they should, after becoming finalized integrated into some other document or stay first class and be referenced from other documents.

Ichthyo points out that RFCs and doxygen comments alone aren’t sufficient and that there is the need for summarizing technical documentation pages. There is agreement that we want to avoid multiple redundant point for one and the same thing. When things evolve and are implemented they are documented elsewhere, thus multiple places for the same thing but at different states come up.


So we define the following procedure:

  • RFC’s are first class citizens, cehteh already made some relevant changes to the RFC system to provide static paths (the states are now symlinks to a pool)

  • If some more detailed design or implementation documentation arises then it should link back to the relevant RFC’s

  • We add links to the RFC’s themselves to link to any further Documentation describing details thereof

  • cehteh will write an RFC about this Documentation workflow itself

Upgrade to Wheezy/GTK-3

Debian 7 (wheezy) is in the freeze, we considered in the previous meeting to bump our reference platform to wheezy and by that switch over to GTK-3.

mfisher31 did some work, fixing some bugs gcc4.7 pointed out and compile Lumiera with GTK-3. There are some issues remaining:

  1. There is some library loading glitch, after building Lumiera won’t start but on the next boot it works fine.

  2. It is not clear what effort is actually necessary to switch to GTK-3

  3. Theming is completely different in GTK-3, only using cairo rendering, Lumiera with GTK-3 has only the default theme right now.

  4. The video player widget is broken

  5. There is no libgdlmm3 debian package in wheezy.

Nevertheless we agree on the following…


  • The devel server will be upgraded to wheezy

  • Builddrone v2 will be deployed there (see below)

  • The master branch will stay with GTK-2 and made compilable on wheezy (apply the gcc4.7 fixes) and then be frozen.

  • We will provide a custom gdlmm3 package as we did before

  • Work progresses on GTK-3 and we merge that back to the master branch when it is in par with what the GTK-2 looks alike already (no regressions)

Workflow between the Master and the Documentation repository

There was some confusion how the master and the documentation repository relate to each other.

We agreed on merging back and forth between in a bidirectional way, but doing this lazy on demand.

(cehteh will document this in a RFC)

Builddrone v2

A complete rewrite of Builddrone (a continuous integration system) is now (almost) finished and will be deployed on our build server within the next days. It has numerous improvements over the old one. More information and documentation will appear at soon. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Lenny for helping with the documentation and Simon for the Logo.


Trac is broken somehow, resetting passwords doesn’t work anymore, don’t loose your cookies or you are lost. Manually resetting the password by an admin works though. We could not figure out whats wrong, will see next time what to do and fix it.

Git Commit Message Format

To ease automatic processing (builddrone, quaterly news, changelogs,..) we agreed and finalized a RFC GitCommitMessageFormat defining some formalism about commit messages.