The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

This documentation section contains documentation for both users and developers.


As a start, you should visit the introductory text Lumiera (as seen) from Outer Space

A user manual containing the full reference for using Lumiera is planned:


Information about the structure and concepts Lumiera is based upon. These documents give an overview on the main components of the application:

Programming-oriented details about the functional layers of Lumiera as well as a Doxygen documentation :

the TiddlyWiki

Currently, Lumiera is still in the design- and evolution phase. There is an embedded JavaScript wiki (TiddlyWiki) within the source tree, mostly used as design notebook, featuring day-to-day design sketches, notes but also quite some more persistent planning. Finished documentation text is constantly moved over to the documentation section(s) of the Lumiera website.

→ access the Development TiddlyWiki online here

API Documentation

We use the Doxygen tool to extract code comments and generate code level API and reference documentation.

Media and Presentations

This section holds documents and materials used to present and promote Lumiera, articles, summaries and whitepapers → Index