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fixture-change-detector.hpp File Reference

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Work out the part of the Fixture changed by a build process.

This facility helps to deal with ongoing render/playback processes, which might be affected by the results of a build process. It's comprised of two distinct parts:

  • a comparison tool allowing to spot equal and changed segments when considering the old and the new version of the fixture before/after a build process.
  • a registration service to establish a relation between play/render processes and specific segments of the fixture. Together, these allow to identify those ongoing processes which need to be cancelled or restarted, because their results might be tainted by the changes induced by the build process. Typically, these detection process runs just before committing the newly built fixture datastructure.
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Definition in file fixture-change-detector.hpp.

#include "lib/error.hpp"
#include "proc/asset/pipe.hpp"


class  FixtureChangeDetector
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