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explicitplacement.hpp File Reference

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Core abstraction: completely resolved placement of an MObject Within the session model, all media objects are attached with the help of mobject::Placement elements.

These are the "glue" to stitch the model together. However, placements are typically only defined in parts, and what is left out in the definition is assumed to be _"obvious from the context"._

The core operation within Proc-Layer is the Builder run, which walks the Session model to resolve and fill in all the contextual information. The result is a completely resolved Placement for each actually visible and relevant entity. Such is represented as ExplicitPlacement. These are arranged into the backbone structure, the Fixture, and the actual render node network necessary to render those contents is attached below.

Definition in file explicitplacement.hpp.


class  ExplicitPlacement
 Special kind of Placement, where the location of the MObject has been nailed down to a fixed position. More...


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