Lumiera  0.pre.03
dummy-player-interface-proxy.cpp File Reference

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Interface-Proxy for the lumiera::DummyPlayer facade (experimental/obsolete).

The purpose is to define a proxy implementation of lumiera::DummyPlayer, in order to redirect any calls through the associated C Language Interface "lumieraorg_DummyPlayer"

the implementation of this interface proxy for the DummyPlayer highlighted some interesting design issues. The way we're defining our interfaces and bindings seems to have some shortcomings when attempting to express an interface (here DummyPlayer) in terms of another abstraction (here the DummyPlayer::Process), since the implementation of this abstraction has to be mapped and indirected via the interface-system as well. This forces us to duplicate all of these secondary interface functions several times, and incurs a further forwarding through the smart-Handle, since our interface system doesn't support suitable lifecycle support out of the box and instead places this burden onto the client code (or, as in this case here, the intermediary proxy used by the client code to access the interface).
See also
dummy-player-service.hpp actual implementation within the Proc-Layer

Definition in file dummy-player-interface-proxy.cpp.


class  Proxy< IHandle >


 Lumiera public interface.