Lumiera  0.pre.03
asset-controller.hpp File Reference

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User interface for asset management.

Aside of the media objects to be edited, the session holds a section dedicated to the bookkeeping aspects, where all of the assets relevant to the project are listed, catalogued and tracked. There is a corresponding section in the UI to offer this bookkeeping view – which includes the tremendously important hierarchy of media and clip bins, where all of the material is organised and prepared for editing. Another topic subsumed under asset management, yet presented separately is anything related to settings and project setup.

As with any part of the UI, there is some correspondence to session model components and a connection via UI-Bus and diff framework. We get one top-level UI element, the AssetController, to correspond to the asset::AssetManager in the session. The basically fixed structure of asset categories and subsections is reflected in likewise fixed access operations in this controller, allowing to enter a dedicated UI for each of the asset subsections...

WIP 2/2017 early draft / a new UI backbone
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class  AssetController
 Top level controller for the asset management section in the UI. More...


 Lumiera GTK UI implementation root.
 The asset management, configuration and project settings.