Lumiera  0.pre.03
formats.hpp File Reference

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Definition of time code formats This header is part of the Lumiera time and timecode handling library and defines the interfaces and types to deal with the common set of time code formats encountered in video editing.

The generic handling of quantised time can be parametrised to support and comply to these specific time code formats.

Definition in file formats.hpp.

#include "lib/time/timevalue.hpp"
#include "lib/meta/no-instance.hpp"
#include "lib/meta/typelist.hpp"
#include "lib/meta/generator.hpp"
#include "lib/typed-counter.hpp"
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <bitset>


struct  Frames
 Frame count as timecode format. More...
struct  Hms
 The informal hours-minutes-seconds-millisecond timecode. More...
struct  Seconds
 Simple timecode specification as fractional seconds. More...
struct  Smpte
 Widely used standard media timecode format. More...
class  Supported
 Descriptor to denote support for a specific (timecode) format. More...
struct  SupportStandardTimecode
 predefined standard configuration: Descriptor for supporting all the classical timecode formats More...
struct  Traits< FMT >
struct  Traits< Frames >
struct  Traits< Hms >
struct  Traits< Seconds >
struct  Traits< Smpte >


typedef std::shared_ptr< const Quantiser > PQuant
typedef Quantiser const & QuantR


 timecode format error, illegal value encountered. More...


 Implementation namespace for support and library code.

Class Documentation

◆ lib::time::format::Traits

struct lib::time::format::Traits
+ Collaboration diagram for Traits< FMT >:

◆ lib::time::format::Traits< Frames >

struct lib::time::format::Traits< Frames >
Class Members
typedef FrameNr TimeCode
+ Collaboration diagram for Traits< Frames >:

◆ lib::time::format::Traits< Hms >

struct lib::time::format::Traits< Hms >
Class Members
typedef HmsTC TimeCode
+ Collaboration diagram for Traits< Hms >:

◆ lib::time::format::Traits< Seconds >

struct lib::time::format::Traits< Seconds >
Class Members
typedef Secs TimeCode
+ Collaboration diagram for Traits< Seconds >:

◆ lib::time::format::Traits< Smpte >

struct lib::time::format::Traits< Smpte >
Class Members
typedef SmpteTC TimeCode
+ Collaboration diagram for Traits< Smpte >: