Lumiera  0.pre.03
display-facade.h File Reference

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Experimental Interface, allowing the Dummy-Player to access the video display widget in the GUI.

While, generally speaking, the GUI controls the application and thus acts on its own, it might expose some services to the lower layers.

In the Dummy-Player design study, the lumiera::Display interface serves to hand over calculated frames to the GUI for displaying them in a viewer.

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Definition in file display-facade.h.

#include "include/display-handles.h"
#include "lib/depend.hpp"
#include "lib/handle.hpp"
#include "common/interface.h"


class  Display
 Interface for outputting frames to an (already allocated) viewer or display. More...
class  Display::Sink
 Functor for pushing frames to the display. More...


 LUMIERA_INTERFACE_DECLARE (lumieraorg_Display, 0, LUMIERA_INTERFACE_SLOT(void, allocate,(LumieraDisplaySlot)), LUMIERA_INTERFACE_SLOT(void, release,(LumieraDisplaySlot)), LUMIERA_INTERFACE_SLOT(void, put,(LumieraDisplaySlot, LumieraDisplayFrame)))


 Lumiera public interface.

Function Documentation


LUMIERA_INTERFACE_DECLARE ( lumieraorg_Display  ,
LUMIERA_INTERFACE_SLOT(void, allocate,(LumieraDisplaySlot))  ,
LUMIERA_INTERFACE_SLOT(void, release,(LumieraDisplaySlot))  ,
LUMIERA_INTERFACE_SLOT(void, put,(LumieraDisplaySlot, LumieraDisplayFrame))   

Referenced by Display::Sink::operator()().

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