Lumiera  0.pre.03
dummy-player-facade.h File Reference

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Definition in file dummy-player-facade.h.


class  DummyPlayer
 Experimental Interface Proc-Layer (or maybe the backend?): Global access point for starting a dummy playback, generating some test image data for the GUI to display in a viewer window. More...
class  DummyPlayer::Process
 Playback process, front-end to be used by client code. More...
class  DummyPlayer::ProcessImplementationLink
 Mediator to allow the client to communicate with the Process implementation via the Process handle, without having to map each implementation-level function into the dummy player interface. More...


 LUMIERA_INTERFACE_DECLARE (lumieraorg_DummyPlayer, 0, LUMIERA_INTERFACE_SLOT(LumieraPlayProcess, startPlay,(LumieraDisplaySlot)), LUMIERA_INTERFACE_SLOT(void, togglePlay,(LumieraPlayProcess, bool)), LUMIERA_INTERFACE_SLOT(void, terminate,(LumieraPlayProcess)))


 Lumiera public interface.
 Proc-Layer implementation namespace root.
 Playback and rendering control subsystem.

Function Documentation


LUMIERA_INTERFACE_DECLARE ( lumieraorg_DummyPlayer  ,
LUMIERA_INTERFACE_SLOT(LumieraPlayProcess, startPlay,(LumieraDisplaySlot))  ,
LUMIERA_INTERFACE_SLOT(void, togglePlay,(LumieraPlayProcess, bool))  ,
LUMIERA_INTERFACE_SLOT(void, terminate,(LumieraPlayProcess))