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command-invocation.hpp File Reference

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Some additional helpers and convenience shortcuts to ease command invocation.

Especially, this header defines a set of free invoke(...) functions, allowing to bind to specific arguments and then invoke through the default HandlingPatern in a single call.

While in some cases, a command will be set up completely finished and closed over all it's arguments, usually the CommandDef will just specify the command operation and undo function, thus leaving the task of binding concrete arguments to the client code. Thus, depending on the circumstances, there might be usage situations where the exact number and type of arguments can be detected and checked at compile time, while otherwise this check needs to be deferred to happen at runtime, when the binding is actually invoked.

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Definition in file command-invocation.hpp.


struct  _DefineBindFunc< SIG >
 < Proc-Layer command implementation details More...
struct  CommandInvoker< SIG >
struct  RuntimeCheckedCommandInvoker


com::RuntimeCheckedCommandInvoker invoke (Symbol cmdID)
com::RuntimeCheckedCommandInvoker invoke (const char *cmdID)


 Proc-Layer implementation namespace root.
 Proc-Layer dispatcher, controller and administrative facilities.

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◆ proc::control::com::_DefineBindFunc

struct proc::control::com::_DefineBindFunc
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typedef ExecResult SIG_Bind
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