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bufftable.hpp File Reference

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helper for organisation of render data buffers Used during the process of _"pulling"_ a render node, which recursively might pull further nodes.

Any node has a render calculation function, which in turn needs input and output buffers

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Definition in file bufftable.hpp.

#include "lib/error.hpp"
#include "proc/engine/buffhandle.hpp"
#include "proc/engine/procnode.hpp"
#include "lib/iter-adapter.hpp"
#include <vector>
#include <utility>


struct  BuffTable
 Obsolete, to be rewritten /////TICKET #826. More...
class  BuffTable::Builder
struct  BuffTable::Storage< count >
struct  BuffTable::StorageChunk


 Proc-Layer implementation namespace root.
 Render engine code as part of the Proc-Layer.

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◆ proc::engine::BuffTable::StorageChunk

struct proc::engine::BuffTable::StorageChunk
+ Collaboration diagram for BuffTable::StorageChunk: