Lumiera  0.pre.03
bin-widget.hpp File Reference

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Widget to render a media bin display in the Lumiera GUI.

A media bin is a grouping device, used in the asset management section to organise various "things", like clips, media, effect plugins, labels sequences, processing patterns and also other nested bins. In the Lumiera session model, media bins and tracks are visual renderings of the same entity, a grouping fork. This wide array of possible usage gives rise to some complexity and several display styles, ranging from a simple list to a working area to arrange elements, with drag-n-drop support, searching and establishing of an element order. The generality of this element and the shared common implementation are intentional; we're aiming at a common workspace metaphor, and we want to support a fluent working style, where a rough arrangement of media elements can be turned into a preliminary cut.

WIP-WIP-WIP as of 12/2016 we have only very vague preliminary plans regarding the asset management section; also the asset management within the session subsystem will be rewritten to fit our increased understanding of the editing process. So for now, this widget is a mere placeholder in a largely preliminary UI (need more weasel words?)

Definition in file bin-widget.hpp.

#include "gui/gtk-base.hpp"


class  BinWidget


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