The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

In the early days of the Lumiera project, there was a lot of debate regarding GUI concepts, -features and proposals.

GUI Brainstorming

We got a lot of proposed cool features. In order to channel this great influx of ideas, we set up a wiki page to allow basically open proposals. Joel Holdsworth, our GUI developer at that time, performed the herculean task to walk through this tremendous pile of entries, consolidate them and conduct a discussion. The GUI Brainstorming page documents the discussion and some conclusions. Several proposals were sorted out — it might be inspiring to look on the reasons why we rejected some proposals.

GUI Proposals

In addition, several people contributed complete or focussed concepts and design proposals

Timeline Discussion

In 2008, Joel reviewed all the available proposals and distilled a more coherent vision especially about the timeline, which certainly is at the heart of any video editor. This page with Conclusions by Joel Holdsworth is must read for anyone engaged into Lumiera GUI development.