Lumiera  0.pre.03
config-keys.hpp File Reference

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Definition of access keys for global UI configuration.

Hard wired key constants to access the global application configuration.

See also
lumiera::AppState general Lumiera application main

configuration and resource search

The UI layer retrieves the necessary configuration values from lumiera::Config, the config facade in the application core. Currently as of 2/2011 these values are loaded from setup.ini, because the full-blown config system is not yet implemented. Amongst others, this configuration defines a search path for icons and a separate search path for resources. These path specs may use the token $ORIGIN to refer to the installation directory of the currently executing program. This allows for a relocatable Lumiera installation bundle.

See also
gtk-lumiera.cpp the plugin to pull up this GUI
lumiera::BasicSetup definition of the acceptable configuration values
lumiera::AppState general Lumiera application main

Definition in file config-keys.hpp.


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