The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

Various details, documentation and other pieces of information regarding the infrastructure of the Lumiera project. This includes the infrastructure used for building and maintaining documentation and website.

Other tools in the ./admin folder

There are various other small tools and scripts in the admin folder which are not yet fully documented (Read the Source!).


This is a small tool which checks that all headers are sufficiently standalone and include anything they need. In future we might extend this to find out bogus includes by predefining (-D) headerguards they include, effectively disableing this include for a test.

used by the buildsystem to translate svg icons to bitmaps (png)

Generates a report about the projects directory structure by parsing the DIR_INFO files (which have to be maintained manually)

A DIR_INFO is just a small text file where the first line shall give a short summary about the purpose of this directory followed by arbitary text giving more details.


A directory containing example git hooks for signing and pushing on commit. Only use them when you know what you are doing.


A script which instantiates a new pair of .c/.h files.

convenience wrapper script to run an executable with valgrind using "typical options"; output goes to a logfile, which is fed to less afterwards.

A valgrind suppression file is generated automatically, in case there is an executable "vgsuppression" located in the same directory as the target executable.


call the "indent" tool with parameters suitable for our (GNU derrived) coding style


Script driving make and running a test, possibly under valgrind. Works only for autotools build.

Use an existing vgsupression executable to generate a valgrind supression file.


Scripts which are not in use and need some makeover to be removed