The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux


./admin/ <command> [options]

Commands (with <mandatory> and [optional] parameters)

find <rfcs> [regex]

List all matching RFC’s (matching regex)

show <rfcs> [regex]

Read RFC’s (matching regex)

create <title>

Create a new RFC

edit <rfc> [chapter]

Edit RFC at chapter

asciidoc <rfc>

pass the rfc.txt to asciidoc command

comment <rfc>

Add a new comment to a RFC

draft <rfc>

Change RFC to Draft state

final <rfc>

Change RFC to Final state

park <rfc>

Change RFC to Parked state

drop <rfc>

Change RFC to Dropped state

supersede <rfc> <new>

Supersede RFC with a new RFC

discard <rfc>

Delete an RFC


Show this help


Do automatic maintenance work

wrap <rfcs>

canonical reformatting

Option types


Quoted string used as RFC title


Name of the RFC, smart matched, unique


Name of the RFC, smart matched, multiple


Regex matched against the content of a RFC


Heading of a section

Smart matching

RFC names don’t need to be given exactly, they use a globbing pattern. This is:

  • case insensitive

  • whitespaces are ignored

  • * stands for any number of parameters

  • ? is any single character

  • when starting with / they are matched against the begin of the name

  • some regex operators work too

find and show can operate on many matches so the given rfc name doesn’t need to be unique. The other commands will complain when the RFC name given doesn’t resolve to one unique RFC.

When less presents multiple files one can go forth and back with the :n and :p commands.

The tile for create should be a normal document title. Possibly quoted since it may contain spaces and not too long. The filename is this title in CamelCase with all spaces and special characters removed.

Chapter machching single lines containing this word, special asciidoc comments in the form //word:.* and asciidoc block attributes [word.*] on a single line. When a chapter pattern is not unique, the last one is picked. executes git add/rm/mv commands, but never commits. One should do a commit as soon he finished editing.