The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

We used to conduct regularly developer meetings — usually at 2nd Thursday of each month, starting 2000 UTC. Our meetings take place in the IRC channel #lumiera at Freenode. →more

This page announces the next meeting. Usually, meetings are also announced some days ahead on the Mailinglist. Everyone is welcome. Feel free to suggest any topic you would like to discuss!

  • Summaries of past meetings can be found →here.

  • If you have been “volunteered” to write a summary, you might want to have a look at the summary template.

IRC Transcripts

Deliberately, we won’t provide public logs of all our IRC discussions. There needs to be a place for informal and sometimes controversial discussions. As an exception to this rule, sometimes we save the literal transcript of an interesting IRC discussion and store an (slightly condensed) excerpt for later referral →here

For general discussions or further questions, refer to the →Mailing List.

Next Developers Meeting

Warning since 2013 there is only one active coder working on the project.

For the time being, we do not need focussed developer meetings anymore. If there is some concern, please speak up on the Mailing List or send a private mail to the developer(s).

We expect (or hope) the project will gain some momentum eventually — and when this happens, we’ll continue the tradition of regular meetings in IRC.