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FrOSCon 2014 and the Annual Lumiera Project Meeting

The FrOSCon conference has become the defacto annual meeting for the Lumiera community. It was held this year on August 23’rd and 24’th in Sankt Augustin, near Bonn in Germany. Lumiera was one again represented at the conference with a developer room, shared with baseflight/multiwii, since cehteh is also active in this community.

This year our get-together took place after the conference. Members of the Lumiera group retired to Karlsruhe, the Black Forest and France where we rambled, dined and generally had a good time.

The Code

There is little code progress to report on this time.


ichthyo has been busy recently. What initially began as a casual look into Blender has resulted in a contribution to the Blender code-base, expanding and improving the function for video stabilisation. For example, films made using a hand-held camera result in picture “shake”. Blender has a feature tracking function, which can be (ab)used to measure and compensate unwanted movements in video frames.
[You can view the demonstration clip on this feature at Vimeo]

While this feature will certainly find its way into Lumiera in the (far) future, ichthyo was quick to assert that the main gain to the Lumiera project is not so much the feature itself, rather the experience gained in examining the Blender design and code-base. The Blender need for a re-design was specially illuminating and the reasons leading to such a decision.