The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

Although news reports have become rare, there is still activity taking place on the project.

FrOSCon 2013 and the Annual Lumiera Project Meeting

The Froscon conference approaches. As in previous years, members of the Lumiera project will meet again in the South of Germany for a few days before heading off on our annual pilgrimage to attend the FrOSCon conference.

The Lumiera project will have a developer room at the conference. We will again hold introductory talks on Git and be available throughout the conference to answer questions and to provide general assistance on Git.

If you would like to meet members of the project, you consider attending the conference and visit us at our developer room. All are heartily welcome.


Over the past few months, there has been some activity involved in documentation. Organisation of the project’s documentation framework has been discussed on IRC and on our mailing list. The general opinion of core developers seems to be that the current structure should be retained, at least for now, unless some other method is proposed with compelling advantages over the current mechanism. The current framework is documented here.

The developers are aware of disadvantages in this framework and have undertaken some steps to improve the situation.

One idea being pursued is to provide improved interconnectivity among the rapidly growing bulk of documents within in the project. One major goal is to assist authors in writing documentation, who should not have to be interrupted during the writing process to locate reference documents. Manually generating indices or other such peripheral work is often laborious work.

To improve this dilemma, developers are writing scripts to help automate interconnectivity among documents. Although Asciidoc does provide a method to specify links between one document and an other, this rapidly becomes ineffectual as the number of documents explode. Furthermore, there is no automated and easy way to produce a glossary of terms from the mass of documentation.

More details can be found in this RfC.

The Code

As usual, Hermann has been the most productive developer over the past few months. He has continued to progress on the player sub-system. He investigated special modes of playback and implemented the interplay of frame dispatch and job generation. Michael Fisher provided code for Jack audio integration.

Lumiera, The Project

Lumiera is still hampered by too few developers. Developers continue to be active despite this, but project time-lines are scarce or have become non-existent. But participants are still active on the project’s IRC channel and the mailing list has ongoing discussions.