The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

Winter is (almost) gone (hopefully).
collecting some pieces of information for the “coding news”…

Core Development

On the concept & planning frontier, last fall Hermann Vo├čeler (ichthyo) concentrated on several aspects of output handling and routing at the session level. This included writing an initial concept how to handle the “output designation” of a media object, especially when nested sequences are involved. The implementation of an output mapping element allowed to fill some gaps regarding the flexible binding of a sequence element both into a timeline or virtual clip.

Stefan Kangas (skangas) continued his contribution to the Lumiera GUI. Besides various fixes and clean-ups in the GUI code, he extracted the Timecode widget from Ardour and adapted it for the Lumiera codebase. As next topic, he turned towards hooking up the first pieces of functionality behind the GUI: adding the ability to place (dummy) clips on the timeline and looking into how to drag them around.

Prompted by Stefan’s work on including the Timecode widget into the Lumiera GUI, as next topic ichthyo concentrated on time handling and time values and Timecode representation in the model. Here the tricky part is how to represent grid aligned time values, e.g. frame quantised time; as Lumiera doesn’t use a single session-wide fixed frame rate, but rather derives the frame rate from the output to be generated, building a somewhat more general framework was required.


The most obvious improvement is that we finally managed to get the reworked website structure online. The final rush included some cleanup of existing text content, adjusting of links and a script solution to maintain the navigation menu of the website automatically.

Besides that, ichthyo worked on improving the general infrastructure: He defined what is necessary to run the Lumiera Application, either directly or installed through a package. After implementing the necessary adjustments for build system and start-up sequence, he defined a Debian packaging for the Lumiera Application.