The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

Summary of achievements

Hermann Vosseler (ichthyo) continued with the effort of shaping the Session API, the interface which will be used by GUI and scripts to manipulate the session contents like clips, tracks, effects and sequences. Besides clean-up of placeholder code this involved implementing some library facilities for registering an accessing the contained parts in an uniform way.

Moreover, he’s currently engaged into the design how to handle the output destinations within the session. This is a prerequisite for building a player and viewer components or render parts of the session in a flexible way.

Christian Thaeter (cehteh) gave nobug a coverage checker and is currently working on the backbone of cache and frame indexing, based on a specialised B-tree implementation.

Lumiera from Outer Space is a document that gives an overview of the application design, helping people to understand the ideas behind Lumiera and the tools they will get to work with. It is aimed for workflow designers and anyone who wants to know how Lumiera works in general. The document is still in draft form, but already useful. Read the Asciidoc draft.
(note: meanwhile this text has been integrated into the Documentation Section of the website)

Stefan Kangas (skangas) and Guram Z. Savinov (savgur) joined the dev team! skangas is working on GUI, time widget and time handling lib; savgur is investigating jack audio integration with the viewer.

We had some great brainstorming about Transport Controls. One idea stands out: The transport controller GUIs become independent GUI elements that can be attached to the very things you want to control.

Brian Rytel (BJMR) launched brainstorming with a little GUI mock-up incorporating the pre-existing GUI ideas already floating around. It was well received, feel free to share your thoughts. See the full discussion on the Mailing list Archives.

BJMR is working on the content and style of the new website.