The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

Piggy Bank

Lumiera is a volunteer project, funded by the community.

Since Lumiera does not have a community of users yet, expenses are paid by the handful of people devoted to developing and supporting Lumiera. They give their time for free but also have to pay for server hosting, travel and accommodation for open video meetings, t-shirts, posters, leaflets and other paper documentation of the project.

ffis Logo

Since October 2009, Lumiera has been associated with the ffis, a German non-profit association for the advancement of Free Software and Free Information. Notably, ffis can collect donations on our behalf and manage our funds.

For payment methods see the ffis donation page. If you do not specify any project, your donation will support ffis, Free Software and Free Information in general.

Please, consider donating to the Lumiera project!

Thank you!