The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

After some cursing over the existing codebase some weeks ago, I asked HV what he thinks about to plan a rewrite/redesign for cinelerra3, while keeping cinelerra2 still maintained.

So far he asked me back about some responsibilities to fill for cin2, which I replied with some questions (still waiting for an answer) and a statement I read as “he wants to see something before rating it”. In an earlier mail he complained that people proprosed things but didn’t come up with useable input afterwards, which is admitly quite sad.

Anyways in the meantime the cinelerra3 idea got some drive by people on IRC and we currently starting to define how we want to setup a new project to make it accessible for anyone interested, this is the part where your opinions are needed now.

I’ve set up some wiki pages on my server to collect ideas and serve as Brainstorming platform see:

Noteably ichthyo did a lot work into setting up a document describing a possible redesign process.

This Wiki is meant as initiate/temporary solution, I do not wan’t to take over cinelerra development on my server (for technical and social reasons).

Some short facts about the ideas we already have:

  • The wiki serves as Brainstorming Platform to define the way we want to work together, as well as collecting design proposals (until we find something better.

  • Use a distributed development model (using git), making this project completely free, anyone can just clone, hack and proprose his works to others for merge.

  • Essentially anyone has his own fork in git, but we may regulary agree on official releases (CV and HV might be merged this way, lets see what Adam says)

  • We want Cinelerra! Just a even better one,
    this is not about Yet another Video Editor, This means that I count on HV acknowleding our efforts and supporting the idea.

  • This time noone shall be pissed when people propose things and then do nothing. Expect nothing and merge happily when something is done.

  • We have no time pressure, cinelerra2 can be used for the time coming

  • I don’t like like mailinglists that much, development/brainstorming should take place where a presentable/persistent output is produced (wiki, maybe disstributed in git, uml model, …). Mail and IRC can be used for volatile discussions.

  • Some Developers will gather at Piksel07 in november feel invited to join us.

  • Especially we would like to invite HV to that event, would you make it?

    The Linux Foundation offers a travel fund “…for the Rock Stars of the Open source Community”, we think you really qualify for that! ;-)

I’ve set up a small description about the project:

As already proposed, please prefer to use the wiki for replies.


Note, this mail is send intentionally to all AUTHORS and some selected people from which I think they are interested in development, not the the mailinglist. The reason is that I want to get the opinions of the most involved people first, without beeing flooded by user requests yet. This is not really to be kept secret and should be announced sometime next when we have some more conclusions about how to proceed. If you know any other person who should be involved/might be interested, please forward this mail.