The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

As in the previous years, Lumiera contributed again to the FrOSCon conference in St.Augustin, Bonn / Germany.

Froscon is one of the few Open Souce gatherings that I’ve experienced over the past few years where you can meet a concentrated bunch of people who know what they are talking about, who have something to say, are not trying to sell something; all mixed together with an extremely congenial atmosphere. I even met one Guy who developed a Window Manager who passionately tried to argue with me why Git isn’t the best for him. In the end I agreed to try his WM for at least a week, and he’s going to give Git another try.

Benny Lyons

FrOSCon logo

The Lumiera project was represented by a few people:

  • Raffaella (with Ruth, Sybilla & Valentino)

  • Simon

  • Odin

  • Hermann

  • Christian

  • Benny

This year, we had again a developer room and held a Git workshop there under the Lumiera banner. We decided to do that because Git is a key tool in the Lumiera development process and anything to ease the entry into development.

We had a lot of visitors to the Git workshop/Lumiera room, including Scott Chacon, and spent a good deal of time explaning and clarifying Git to quite a few people. There’s a lot of people out there terribly interested in Git and we got a few people started on their way to getting to know Git. Holding a workshop on Git was a good idea as we did get a lot of people coming round just because of Git (and the kind of people that come to such a workshop are developers and that’s what the Lumiera project is after) and we used the opportunity to spread the word.

We had a computer and set up a Git repository so that people could have hands on experience with Git. This worked very well and a few visitors benefited directly from that. It was also great to meet some of the individuals behind the internet-mask and get to know them: it somehow adds that extra dimension when you can place a face and character to an email address.