Lumiera  0.pre.03
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Lumiera error handling (C++ interface).

This header declares the Lumiera exception hierarchy, plus some of the most commonly used error flag values. Within Lumiera, C-style error states and C++-style exceptions are tightly integrated. Creating an exception sets the error flag, and there are helpers available to throw an exception automatically when a unclear error state is detected.

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Definition in file error.hpp.

#include "include/logging.h"
#include "include/lifecycle.h"
#include "lib/error.h"
#include <exception>
#include <string>


class  Error
 Interface and Base definition for all Lumiera Exceptions. More...
class  LumieraError< eID, PAR >
 Derived specific exceptions within Lumiera's exception hierarchy. More...


using Config = LumieraError< LERR_(CONFIG), Invalid >
using CStr = const char *
using External = LumieraError< LERR_(EXTERNAL)>
using Fatal = LumieraError< LERR_(FATAL), Logic >
using Flag = LumieraError< LERR_(FLAG), State >
using Invalid = LumieraError< LERR_(INVALID)>
using Logic = LumieraError< LERR_(LOGIC)>
using State = LumieraError< LERR_(STATE)>


#define _STDBOOL_H
 convenience shortcut for a sequence of catch blocks just logging and consuming an error. More...
#define LERR_(_NAME_)


void assertion_terminate (const string &location)
 throw an error::Fatal indicating "assertion failure" More...
CStr detailInfo ()
void install_unexpectedException_handler ()
 install our own handler for undeclared exceptions. More...
 error-ID for unspecified exceptions More...
 contradiction to internal logic assumptions detected More...
 unable to cope with, internal logic floundered More...
 execution aborted due to misconfiguration More...
 unforeseen internal state More...
 non-cleared lumiera errorstate from C code More...
 invalid input or parameters encountered More...
 failure in external service the application relies on More...
 assertion failure More...
 Lifecycle assumptions violated. More...
 runtime type mismatch More...
 end of sequence reached More...
 predefined fixed storage capacity More...
 index out of bounds More...
 invalid or NIL value More...
 missing connection More...
 unimplemented feature More...
void lumiera_unexpectedException () noexcept
 global function for handling unknown exceptions encountered at functions declaring not to throw this kind of exception. More...
template<class EX >
void maybeThrow (string description="")
 Check the lumiera error state and throw a specific exception in case a non-cleared errorflag is detected. More...
void throwOnError ()
 Check the lumiera error state, which maybe was set by C-code. More...


 Lumiera public interface.

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#define _STDBOOL_H

Definition at line 42 of file error.hpp.


#define LERR_ (   _NAME_)

Definition at line 58 of file error.hpp.

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