Lumiera  0.pre.03
command-impl-clone-builder.hpp File Reference

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Helper for creating an implementation clone, based on the visitor pattern.

This file deals with the problem of creating a clone from top level without any specific type information. While generally this means passing down the allocation interface, the specific problem here is that multiple parts of the command implementation need to be cloned and re-wired with the cloned partners, which requires re-creating the specifically typed context used at initial setup.

Ticket #301 : it may well be that the need for such a facility is a symptom of misaligned design, but I rather doubt so – because both the memento holder and the command closure need a specifically typed context, and there is no reason for combining them into a single facility.
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Definition in file command-impl-clone-builder.hpp.


struct  CloneContext
 < Interface and empty state More...
class  ClonedContext
class  CommandImplCloneBuilder
 Visitor to support creating a CommandImpl clone. More...


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