Lumiera  0.pre.03
call-queue.hpp File Reference

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A Queue for function invocations, allowing them to be dispatched on demand.

Typically this queue helper is used to forward lambdas into another thread, e.g. the UI thread for execution.

simplistic braindead implementation with locking and heap based storage based on std::function; should use a lock-fee queue and should have an eye on the impact of managing argument storage
See also
gui::NotificationService usage example

Definition in file call-queue.hpp.

#include "lib/error.hpp"
#include "lib/sync.hpp"
#include "lib/iter-stack.hpp"
#include "lib/nocopy.hpp"
#include <functional>


class  CallQueue
 A threadsafe queue for bound void(void) functors. More...


 Implementation namespace for support and library code.