The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

Development Version

Lumiera is currently under active development.
We are in a pre-alpha stage, meaning that the software is not usable yet.

However, we have an early GUI draft in place which might give a feel for what the interface could look like. It is available for end-user experimentation now, but usually you need to build it first.

Lumiera Debian package

Some of the Lumeira core developers use Debian/stable (Jessie) as a reference system for development. This has the nice side effect that we’ll provide Debian source and binary packages to reflect the ongoing development. Since Ubuntu is based on debian, we provide packaging for some Ubuntu distributions as well.

While Lumiera doesn’t provide any usable features yet, it can be installed already through the debian packaging mechanisms. We prepare pre-releases and build packages on VMs to rehearse the release mechanisms. Thus, if you’re using a Debian/Jessie (stable) based system (Doh!), or a suitable Ubutu flavour, you might be able to try out our Debian depot for apt-get. Please be sure to report any broken dependencies and installation problems.

Build it, try it…

We use a distributed infrastructure based on Git repositories. To learn how to compile Lumiera from source, you might want to read our tutorial Ā»Building Lumiera from sourceĀ«.

Additional resources

  • browse, review and download current Lumiera code and more from our various Git repositories, browsable online here.

  • find more information about the project in the Project section.

  • for in-depth design and technical documentation and further tutorials please see the Documentation section.


Lumiera is an ambitious project — to reach our goals we need your help. Even if you’re not a coder, there are various ways you could help the project.