The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

Eventually, this section will hold technical documentation for the Steam-Layer.

Development Scrapbook TiddlyWiki

Hermann Vo├čeler, core developer of the Steam-Layer uses an separate embedded wiki for his day-to-day design sketches, notes and also for the more persistent planning. This TiddlyWiki is a nifty JavaScript wiki embedded in a single HTML page; as such it lives right within the source tree, where it can be worked on alongside with the code. Besides the actual planning and descriptions, this wiki also links to the UML diagrams created with BOUML during the ongoing planning and design.

This setup started as a temporary solution — but as uWiki is not expected to come to life soon, the current website can’t serve as replacement for a real wiki, an we’ll stick to that situation for the time being. As the content in the TiddlyWiki becomes more mature and stable, it will be moved over into this section here.

While additions to the TiddlyWiki generally propagate to Lumiera/Master through the normal merges, we’ve put up a rsynced version of the TiddlyWiki online for direct access (of course read-only).

→ access the Proy-Layer TiddlyWiki online here