The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

Alongside with the core Lumiera Application, we’re also creating several Libraries.
This section holds pages with in-depth technical documentation regarding those. Please don’t expect a coherent or complete coverage for the time being — library functionality is typically “discovered” while in the middle of the implementation, then factored out, reused and remoulded over time.

Interface Library

The Lumiera Application is designed deliberately in a way to be controllable by scripts. All of the Session, the models and the vault are fully operational without the GUI. Any significant functionality can be addressed through the primary Fa├žade Interfaces.

But, in order to make such an open and extensible application a reality, we need to build up an interface layer — provided as library for client code and script adapters to link against. This library allows to access the primary external interfaces and exposes everything needed to work with the specifics of the application.

TODO as of 1/2012: this is just a nebulous plan for now. Nothing of the work required really to address facilities from the outside has been done. All we’ve managed to achieve is actually to use clean interfaces and decouple the parts of the application appropriately.

  • we still need to identify those core concepts which need to be exposed

  • we need to refactor the corresponding data types to resolve cross dependencies to the implementation

  • then we could think about moving those data types into an official Lumiera interface

Support Library

There is a huge collection of generic building blocks, re-used more or less frequently. The’re written in a generic way, but in accordance to the rest of the source base, relying only on the general error handling and logging framework used within Lumiera. (Some facilities may depend on other parts of the Application; this can be qualified as a bug — please complain when you’ve found something of that sort).