The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux

we have nothing to show and don’t provide public releases yet — but we ought to rehearse and practice the release process. This document contains some hints and a checklist of steps to perform for a proper release.

Steps to perform for a release

  1. release prep: clean-up obsolete information

    • Debian package descriptions

    • Build-Tutorial

      • building from source

      • building the debian way

      • contributing

    • technical/build/Dependencies

  2. release prep: bump version number

    • admin/scons/

    • data/config/setup.ini

    • doc/devel/Doxyfile

    • doc/devel/Doxyfile.browse

  3. perform a back-merge from the release branch.
    It is relevant not to loose any bugfixes. Especially verify

    • that all ongoing fixes from DEBs and other build activities are properly represented as patches and committed to the release branch

    • that adjustments to platform dependencies are picked up adequately

  4. perform the Release-commit: it should mention the kind of the release and the version number. Typically, with this commit, you’ll update some top level stuff in the source tree, like

    • README


      • also in the “about” box in the GTK-UI

      • see setup.ini

    • check the LICENSE file and add new license declarations and notes, clean obsolete info here.

  5. update the release branch: “upgrade current release to .”
    Make sure the release branch now really reflects current master, maybe with the omission of some stuff to be kept out of the packages. Set the release tag

  6. packaging…

    • merge release → deb

    • verify the package description

    • have a look at manpages and similar packaging documents

    • update debian/control to reflect current version dependencies

    • have a look into debian/rules (e.g. build flags and similar)

  7. delivery

    • use whatever infrastructure is available to build packages.

    • verify packages can be installed on a pristine VM

    • upload packages to debian depot or commit them to PPAs

    • clean-up and discard obsoleted old distributions and packages

  8. close the release ticket