The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux
State Final
Date 2008-04-05
Proposed by ct

NoBug logging flag hierachy

NoBug allows hierachical organization of logging flags. Propose a documentation/planning about the setup.


Take a look at my draft at: link:;a=blob;f=doc/devel/nobug_flags.t t;h=74471e255e6ebfedb642e450bdfd3f79e346c600;hb=backend[NoBug_flags]

I’ve added the things I planning for the backend, others might add their own plans there too. So far this is an early draft, comments welcome.

Note outdated information. Have a look at include/logging.h



When done right, logging control is much easier, just NOBUG_LOG=lumiera:DEBUG would suffice.


We need some easy way to control logging, later on when lumiera runs in beta tests it must be easy to tell a tester how to create useable debugging logs.


cehteh will care for further integration



The basic idea is still valid, but information in this RfC is quite outdated. Meanwhile, we have a somewhat different and largely extended log hierarchy. And it turned out, that it isn’t practical to scatter the NOBUG_FLAG_PARENT definitions all over the code base. Rather, we use a single include file include/logging.h to define all flags in a systematic way


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