The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux
State Final
Date 2007-06-27
Proposed by ct


Define coding style standard which we will use.


We need to agree on some coding style, IMHO consistency is the most important part with this, no matter which style we use.

  • no tabs, use spaces!

  • K&R by ichthyo

  • compact and well known

  • GNU by cehteh

  • imo the best readability (albeit little strange)

  • Lumiera might apply as official GNU project someday

Another question: how to write identifiers?

  • ichthyo: use CamelCase, start ClassNames upper case and variableNames in lower case. Make all namespaces and package (dir) names completely lowercase


  • Bouml config to generate this style

  • footers (or headers) to configure common editors to use this style by default


we agreed on GNU style


2007-07-03 04:04


Since ct called spaces instead of tabs first, we should stick to that. I think all other reasons will lead us to nowhere!

Although I’m used to a BSD/KNF-like coding style I will try the GNU one. After all, the wikipedia page mentions no disadvantages of that style :)


2007-06-27 17:17

I just proposed K&R because it is widely accepted. Personally, I was never very fond of K&R style, I always preferred putting opening braces to the left. I never used GNU style until now, but it looks somewhat appealing to me. (btw, ECLIPSE comes with presets for all this styles :-P ). Anyhow, I can adapt to most any style. The only thing I really dislike is using tabs (with the exception of database DDLs and CSound files, where tab are actually helpful) :)


2007-06-27 20:55