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test Namespace Reference


typedef std::vector< string > & Arg
typedef map< string, PTestMapGroupMap
typedef shared_ptr< TestMapPTestMap
typedef map< string, Launcher * > TestMap


class  Launch
 Helper class for running a collection of tests. More...
class  Launcher
 interface: generic testcase creating functor. More...
class  Suite
 Enables running a collection of tests. More...
class  Test
 Abstract Base Class for all testcases. More...
class  TestOption
 Support for selecting and configuring testcases via commandline arguments. More...
class  TestOption_test
 invokes the TestOption parser for various example commandlines More...


 LAUNCHER (TestOption_test, "function common")
ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const TestOption &to)
 for outputting the help messages. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ Arg

typedef std::vector< string > & Arg

Definition at line 54 of file run.hpp.

◆ TestMap

typedef map<string, Launcher*> TestMap

Definition at line 60 of file suite.cpp.

◆ PTestMap

Definition at line 61 of file suite.cpp.

◆ GroupMap

typedef map<string,PTestMap> GroupMap

Definition at line 62 of file suite.cpp.

Function Documentation

◆ operator<<()

ostream & operator<< ( ostream &  os,
const TestOption to 

for outputting the help messages.

Forward accumulated help messages from all contained option definitions

Definition at line 134 of file testoption.cpp.

References TestOption::syntax.


test::LAUNCHER ( TestOption_test  ,
"function common"   

Referenced by TestOption_test::additionalCmd2().

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