Lumiera  0.pre.03
lib::variant Namespace Reference


struct  CanBuildFrom
struct  CanBuildFrom< const char [len], Node< string, TYPES > >
 < esp. allow to build string from char literal More...
struct  CanBuildFrom< const X, Node< X, TYPES > >
struct  CanBuildFrom< diff::MakeRec, Node< Rec, TYPES > >
 specialisation allowing to build a GenNode with a nested record from a Record::Mutator (aka MakeRec) More...
struct  CanBuildFrom< X, Node< T, TYPES > >
struct  CanBuildFrom< X, Node< X, TYPES > >
struct  CanBuildFrom< X, NullType >
struct  FirstMatchingType
 Helper to pick the first type from a type sequence, which fulfils the predicate (meta function) given as template. More...
struct  FirstMatchingType< Node< T, TYPES >, _P_ >
struct  FirstMatchingType< Types< TYPES... >, _P_ >
struct  Holder
 internal helper used to build a variant storage wrapper. More...
struct  Identity
struct  VFunc

Class Documentation

◆ lib::variant::FirstMatchingType

struct lib::variant::FirstMatchingType
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◆ lib::variant::Identity

struct lib::variant::Identity
Class Members
typedef T Type
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◆ lib::variant::VFunc

struct lib::variant::VFunc
Class Members
typedef InstantiateForEach
< typename List,
ValueAcceptInterface >
VisitorInterface build a generic visitor interface for all types in list
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