Lumiera  0.pre.03
lib::time::mutation Namespace Reference


struct  Builder
 Implementation policy: how to build a new notification value of type TI, given a target time value entity of type TAR. More...
struct  Builder< TimeSpan, Duration >
struct  Builder< TimeSpan, TAR >
struct  Builder< TimeSpan, TimeSpan >
struct  Link
 Policy to tie the various detail policies together for providing actual value change operations. More...
class  Mutator
 Implementation building block: impose changes to a Time element. More...
struct  Policy
 Policy how to impose changes onto a connected target time value entity This policy will be parametrised with the concrete time entity types involved in the usage situation of time::Control. More...
struct  Policy< Duration, typename disable_if< canReceiveDuration< TAR >, Duration >::type, TAR >
 special case: a Duration change value can't be imposed to a plain time value. More...
struct  Policy< TI, Duration, TimeSpan >
struct  Policy< TI, SRC, typename disable_if< canMutateDuration< SRC >, Duration >::type >
 special case: a Duration target value can't be changed by plain time values. More...
struct  Policy< TI, TimeSpan, Duration >
struct  Policy< TimeSpan, TimeSpan, TimeSpan >
class  Propagator
 Implementation building block: propagate changes to listeners. More...