Lumiera  0.pre.03
LumieraEnvironment Namespace Reference


class  LumieraConfigContext
class  LumieraEnvironment
class  LumieraExeBuilder
class  LumieraModuleBuilder
class  LumieraPluginBuilder
class  WrappedStandardExeBuilder


def register_LumieraCustomBuilders (lumiEnv)
def register_LumieraResourceBuilder (env)



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◆ register_LumieraResourceBuilder()

def LumieraEnvironment.register_LumieraResourceBuilder (   env)
Registers Custom Builders for generating and installing Icons.
    Additionally you need to build the tool (rsvg-convert.c)
    used to generate png from the svg source using librsvg. 

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References Buildhelper.getDirname().

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◆ register_LumieraCustomBuilders()

def LumieraEnvironment.register_LumieraCustomBuilders (   lumiEnv)
install the customised builder versions tightly integrated with our build system.
    Especially, these builders automatically add the build and installation locations
    and set the RPATH and SONAME in a way to allow a relocatable Lumiera directory structure

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◆ ConfigBase


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