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BuilderDoxygen Namespace Reference


def DoxyEmitter (source, target, env)
def DoxyfileParse (file_contents)
def DoxySourceScan (node, env, path)
def DoxySourceScanCheck (node, env)
def exists (env)
def generate (env)

Function Documentation

◆ DoxyfileParse()

def BuilderDoxygen.DoxyfileParse (   file_contents)
Parse a Doxygen source file and return a dictionary of all the values.
    Values will be strings and lists of strings.

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Referenced by DoxyEmitter(), and DoxySourceScan().

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◆ DoxySourceScan()

def BuilderDoxygen.DoxySourceScan (   node,
Doxygen Doxyfile source scanner.
    This should scan the Doxygen file and add any files
    used to generate docs to the list of source files.

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References DoxyfileParse(), and util.join().

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◆ DoxySourceScanCheck()

def BuilderDoxygen.DoxySourceScanCheck (   node,
Check if we should scan this file 

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◆ DoxyEmitter()

def BuilderDoxygen.DoxyEmitter (   source,
Doxygen Doxyfile emitter 

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References DoxyfileParse().

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◆ generate()

def BuilderDoxygen.generate (   env)
Add builders and construction variables for the
    Doxygen tool.  This is currently for Doxygen 1.4.6.

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◆ exists()

def BuilderDoxygen.exists (   env)
Make sure doxygen exists.

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Referenced by UIStyle.addStockIconFromPath(), LookupPreconfigured< TY, BASE >.resolve(), lib.resolveModulePath(), and LookupPreconfigured< TY, BASE >.try_special_case().

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