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generator-test.cpp File Reference

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what are we doing here??

the following test composes both an interface and the corresponding implementation by instantiating "building block" templates over a collection of types. The resulting class ends up inheriting a virtual function instantiated for each of the types in the list. (remember: normally the number and signature of all virtual functions need to be absolutely fixed in the class definition)

See also
lumiera::query::ConfigRules a real world usage example

Definition in file generator-test.cpp.

#include "lib/test/run.hpp"
#include "lib/format-string.hpp"
#include "lib/meta/generator.hpp"
#include <iostream>
#include <string>


struct  BaseImpl
struct  Block< I >
 template for generating lots of different test types More...
class  DoIt< X, BASE >
 Use this building block for chaining corresponding implementation classes. More...
class  TakeIt< X >
 Use this building block for assembling an abstract interface. More...
class  TypeListGenerator_test


typedef InstantiateChained< TheTypes, DoIt, BaseImpl > NumberBabbler
typedef InstantiateForEach< TheTypes, TakeIt > TheInterface
typedef Types< Block< 1 >, Block< 2 >, Block< 3 >, Block< 5 >, Block< 8 >, Block< 13 > >::List TheTypes


 LAUNCHER (TypeListGenerator_test, "unit common")
 Register this test class... More...


 Implementation namespace for support and library code.